What are the ingredients behind NHG hair growth products

We created products that are vegan and we chose thoroughly our ingredients keeping in mind the scientific side.

Hair growth shampoo

Active ingredients:  

Enriched with polar menthol

  • Menthol is scientifically proven to promote hair growth.
  • It has advantageous circulation-improving characteristics that  support the maintenance of healthy hair. 
  • Menthol boosts the scalp and hair follicle thickness
  • Improved circulation can make sure that hair follicles get the nutrients needed to produce hair. 

Enriched with niacinamide

  • Enhances blood flow, helps to stimulate the creation of new hair and can also be useful in preventing hair loss.
  •  Niacinamide, often known as Vitamin B3, is essential for every cell in your body and promotes thicker, healthier hair. 
  • Essential for healthy hair growth since it increases blood circulation, which also helps the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicle.

Hair growth treatment

Active ingredients:

Enriched with peppermint oil

( is a plant native to Europe and has been widely used as a carminative and gastric stimulant worldwide. This plant also has been used in cosmetic formulations as a fragrance component and skin conditioning agent.)

  • Peppermint oil promotes hair growth without toxic signs
  • Induces a rapid anagen stage
  • A topical application for relief from itching
  • Works as a strong antioxidant
  • Cooling and relaxing effect

Enriched with adenosine

  • Adenosine promotes the blood to flow to the scalp
  • Increases hair growth. 

    Applying topical adenosine on a daily basis results in noticeably higher hair density and an increase in the proportion of thicker hairs, according to a number of clinical investigations on both men and women with Androgenetic alopecia.

Enriched with Camphor

Camphor is one of the best substances for treating different hair issues

  • Including dandruff
  • Premature greying of hair, dry and itchy scalp
  • Preventing hair loss

After applying it to your scalp, it helps to boost blood flow, which supports new hair growth.

Enriched with Ganoderma Lucidum 

  • Reishi mushrooms can prevent and reverse hair loss by inhibiting the production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). 
  • Ganoderma lucidum is a trusted ingredient used in ancient hair loss treatments. 
  • Reishi mushrooms are a potent source of antioxidants and also have anti-inflammatory qualities.
  • Additionally, because they improve blood circulation, more oxygen and nutrients that are good for hair may reach the scalp, promoting healthy hair development and lowering the scalp conditions of psoriasis, eczema, and dandruff. 

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